I am very aware of the love and light I give to those who I read for (my sitters). I acknowledge that those that come to me come seeking guidance and clarity. When speaking of spirit, sitters want the proof that their loved ones are still close by and that existence after death is infinite. Below you will see kind words and appreciation of my gift given. Love Always Light Never Ends.

Thanks Destiny Jones for the best experience ever u where on point with everything. You left me feeling great and free. Thanks xoxo

A big thank you to Destiny Jones for my reading earlier. Gave me hope that things are going to be ok if I believe in myself xx

Thank you wonderful woman for the amazing spot on reading. It gives me courage to continue my journey. Lots of love, (Tinka Raven Moon

 Thank you taking the time to be spiritually connected but also saying it how it is. It’s not often we cross paths with people that are true to themselves. You are a gift of a kind. Love you Destiny Jones.

 My long time friend shared a post recommending this lady. I lost touch with my last gifted person so thought I would contact Destiny Jones. Amazing, genuine, honest, down to earth, tells it like it is, real talk, an amazing reading ♥ ( Natasha – London)

 Thank You So Much for my Reading today Destiny Jones you have left me with a lot of food for thought, and also a positive attitude for what will be . Bless you xxx

 Thank you for the reading today…amazing keep up the good work and stay truly blessed x