Team Building

Is your business struggling? Are members of  your team just not getting along for the benefit of being productive? Are you thinking “what shall I do next to encourage great team moral?

Then you should book your team into our fun team building day.

Not everyone wants to be psychic, however they are all intrigued. So why not offer something a little bit different than the usual bowling trip.

We at Destiny Jones work with the company to draw out individual talents and feed a report back to the directors, CEO’ and managers.

We do group sessions in psychometry and aura reading. Plus a speak and be heard factor.

We do individual readings and discuss the individuals own plans for progression within the company and give them an insight on how to move forward.

This option is great as a fun day out. However the company will need to provide the venue and the lunches, this is how we keep the price down to  a minimum.

Corporate team building – Available all day.

If you would like more information please contact us on: 07983737677 or email:

 £300 for up to 20 team members

£500 for up to 40 team members

£700 for up to 60 team members

Over 6o members, please speak to our sales team for a personalised quote.

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