Spiritual Coaching

You want to walk your spiritual path;

You want to make the right decisions;

You want to be aligned with your higher self;

You want a mentor;

You want Destiny Jones

Destiny Jones can help assess and put you on the successful path with regards to:

  • Love and relationships

  • Health and wellbeing

  • Finance and money

  • Family and friendship

Utilizing her life coaching skills and her spiritual divination. Destiny Jones will map out a way for you to move forward in which ever area of your life you want to focus on and harness. Her saying is ” love always and the light shall never end.”

Through love, gratitude, meditation and reiki healing Destiny Jones coaching will have you living the life you deserve and have always dreamt could and should happen.

There are packages to suit every member.

  • Silver – Working on your wheel of life. (specific areas)

  • Gold – Wheel of life, Meditations and gratitude practice.

  • Diamond – Gold plus chakra alignment

  • Universal – All the above plus healing and face to face coaching.

Remember Gratitude practice is a fundamental way to elevate your sense of wellbeing and putting you in a place to receive more abundance.

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