Spiritual Intensive Day – S.I.D

Consider your lifes purpose, consider your place within the universe, consider how you will grow your dreams. S.I.D uses your inner mind and outer vocals to bring healing and love to those whom you effect.

This is an intensive work hard day.

10am – 8:30pm.

  • Everybody will receive Reiki healing and Chakra alignment.

  • Psychic abilities introduction, Psychometry (please wear jewellery or bring your keys)  and aura reading.

  • Tarot introduction. Knowing your Arcanas both major and minor. (bring along the Rider Waite Tarot cards)

  • Mediumship Introduction.

This is for you to grasp all the different divinations within the metaphysical realms and then allowing for you to choose which path suits you best.

Teas, Coffees ,Lunch and dinner provided If you have any dietry requirement please let us know at the time of booking via email Kathleen@destinyjones.co.uk 

This is a very popular course as no one offers individuals the scope to unearth a vast amount in such little time. All three divinations under one roof.

£350 for the full days workshop plus a special gift