At Destiny Jones we love to encompass the life coaching element into our spiritual foundations.

Therefore we hold clinics, these are conducted like readings however they are more direct to the situation at hand and offer the life coaches perspective.

You will not be told what to do as Life coaching is about you understanding what you will be uncovering (getting into) and you working on it with the help of the coach.


  • Love Clinic. To give and receive love. Issues of mistrust, loneliness, heart break, is he/she the one? How do we move forward?

  • Business Clinic. Shall I start this new project? How do I get off the ground? Is this for me?

  • Money Clinic. Lack of or abundance. How do I create more wealth?

  • Family and friends Clinic. Why does my Family hate me. I don’t understand my parents, siblings or friends.

  • Personal goals clinic. I want to loose weight, quit smoking, stick with my exercise regime.

Because I incorporate the cards you will receive a holistic view of your situation and a way in which to move forward.

£45 For assessment, reading and progression

If you would like the information emailed to you add £10 to cover admin costs.

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