Book A Reading

To book a reading:

Please email, with a time slot from 6pm – 9:45 pm Monday to Saturday. Each appointment is at 45 minute intervals.

6:00, 6:45, 7:30, 8:15, 9:00, 9:45

And the type of reading requested:

  • 3 Card -5 mins = £10

  • Horseshoe – 10 mins = £18

  • Celtic Cross – 20 mins = £25

  • Celtic + 7 Cards – 30 mins = £30

Please leave your phone number, Skype details or facebook ID.

Make a payment:

Please contact our team to make a payment.

Thanking you abundantly.

Readings can be conducted over the phone (Destiny Jones will phone you) Or Skype live video or Facebook live video.

If you would like your readings in person please state this in your email.


    • Hello Friend,
      I am glad I could assist. If you would like to book a reading of course head to our email: Please have a question to hand and check out the payment details on the site alongside which type of reading you would like.

      Love and Light

      Destiny Jones

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