May Horoscopes

May Horoscopes


Relationships – 29th May, Venus the love planet comes into your chart, be ready for her when she comes. She has been casting her glaze over your zodiac throughout May, making sure you are ready for when she arrives. So any mirages you have within your relationship that you have been ignoring, its time you clear that up. You will get a helping hand from the sun and Saturn opposing each other to do that. If you are single you could find that a work colleague shows some interest in you and this person is someone completely of your radar. Until the 20th Mars is in retrograde after this time you will be able to adjust your schedule and make more space for enjoyment with friends or that special someone. If you find yourself in a relationship you feel is not going anywhere and changes need to be seen, then the 14th full moon can help you get motivated to sort this out.

Career- As Mars is in reversal it is making sure you are taking your role seriously. Don’t get caught out in the cold by not giving extra attention to the job at hand regardless of the task you’ve been given. After the 20th things you have left unsaid or undone now become a priority. Look around the people you are likely to congregate with are they more concerned with gossip rather than ways to improve things. Its better you stay with the latter types at work in order to further your progression. When Venus comes into your chart on the 29th you will be much more confident in knowing where you want to be and what you want to do.

Family and Friends – This month is about celebrations for you Taureans. A shared responsibility conversation will arise after mid-May Watch out for it. But be led by your higher being your heart when dealing with this matter. After the 23rd a friend will need to be told in a calm manner what you are willing to accept or not. This feeling of letting your family and friends know how far they can push begins from around the 7th.



Relationships- Your social calendar takes a turn in the right direction this month.  If you are already taken spice things up but be weary for around 16th when there may be some kind of tension and unrest. Do not jump to conclusions, rather take it all in and discover the facts.

Career – You’re getting very bored of the mundane day to day stuff Gemini. You have ideas you want to see come into fruition. So this month make sure you reorganise yourself at work from your desk to your work schedule. Put it all in order and you will reap the benefits.

If you are considering a change of scenery a work colleague could have the key. Make sure you have carefully thought about and planned your next step.

Family and Friends- Mercury make his way through your chart from the 7th until around the 29th. He opens up your communication. But hold on because next month all your talk, Mercury would like to see it come to action. So if you want to visit family more often you will need to get off the sofa and do just that. If you want to paint the spare room …. Do it, rather than talk about it.



Relationships- Instead of you thinking you’re not getting enough love here Cancerian, try thinking maybe the other half is trying to figure out what love means to them. The full moon on the 14th makes you feel delicate, so relax and be spoiled by your partner unless he is a cancer sign too. If you are single someone in uniform could be coming to your call and rescuing the damsel in distress.

Career- Just remember you can do great things, as this is a good time professionally for you, just trust your intuition. You are willing to take the advice of a mentor type person between the 14th and 18th. This may not be to everyone’s liking but you have to consider what it is you want to do and how you will get there.

Family and friends – Your family don’t really get what it is you want to do at work, they probably feel left out. The challenge is to discuss this as this may have been brewing within for quite some time. From the 20th they may begin to see things your way and eventually they will adjust. Friends are busy trying to arrange holidays and dates for you so its all fun and games.


Relationships –  Love is in the air, you can either wait patiently for that person who is sustainable or make your move on the Italian stallion  who is passionate, and around you for the taking this month. From the 16th your mates will introduce you to a very hot prospect and as Venus is alongside your relationship planet mercury, she wants you to bring forward your inner goddess.

Career- Mercury is helping you network and put forward your CV until the 7th. If you want to discuss better pay situations its best done by this time as Mercury also is in charge of your finances. Someone at work who always challenges you is making sure you can take that criticism and be the best you can at what you do. So when they up their bet, don’t                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 take it as hindrance instead take it as the opposite.

Family and friends – Saturn and Jupiter makes it easier for you to resolve any outstanding drama. Saturn in retrograde makes it easier to see where the fault lies. The full moon on the 14th will add clarity and can be a tough day for family matters as anything that needs further discussion will be brought to the surface. But don’t despair as your mates or up to no good which means fun to be had. However if you feel a sense of unease you have to stay true to your own wellbeing and clearly say no.


Relationships- There should be a sense of shared priorities between you and your other half Virgo. What you feel is important so should your partner. Neptune is drawing a veil over relationships making it harder for the partner of a Virgo understand the logic behind Virgo madness. However after the 14th more mutual support is coming and you can begin seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. If you are single it’s not a great month either for romance as any potential is less likely to even begin the race with you. Pluto in reverse is making sure that this one is out of the way making room for the right candidate, which is probably someone you already know.

Career – Mercury, your signs ruler is at the top of your chart from the 7th until the 29th. The sun comes to play with Mercury by the 21st and the new moon on the 28th, showing that this is the time for you to get up and go.  You need to network and do some ground work first, but you could be in for some kind of promotion or having to step in to save the day as you do.

Family and Friends- Family and home matters seem to be running smoothly apart from a littler blip around the 15th. However friends are concerned that you are not dealing with some things on your own when we all know you are more than capable. So why not get out and socialise a little more. Be mindful of what you say to new friends of your old friends or even your girls new date.



Relationships -  If You are single Libran, Its time to clear the diary as with Venus in you chart for 3 weeks from the 3rd till 29th and  Uranus your planet to give you a flirting edge You are going to be sought after wherever you go.  However if you are in a relationship where mars is also in retrograde until the 20th you need to pay close attention to your partners ideas. Double check that you are getting what you want from your relationship and be willing to compromise.

Career -  Someone is being a slight jobs worth, and think they are cleverly confusing everyone, therefore they shine brighter, you have acknowledged this and you are not getting mixed up into this game of tricks.

Family and friends – With Pluto and Mars in reversal, you are keeping a secret from your family or a family member is going to tell you theirs. Family matters that have been long ignored may come out now. But you take control of the situation. Your friend needs help with their love life as it seems it has not turned out the way they planned. This is something you knew from the start.


Relationships – Venus is on her way into your chart by the 29th, she wants you to be prepared for her arrival. So turn up the romance factor and flirt away.

Career-  Your long term work goals will heat up come July. In the meantime consider how you will climb the success ladder, whether that be through a change of work agencies or undertaking a course. It may be advisable to keep out of the recent gossip and do not repeat conversations. Work colleagues are not too happy with recent developments and as you embrace change this could be the right time for you to move forward.

Family and Friends- If you work from home its time to set some boundaries with the family. Any trouble you have been having between yourself and a younger family member will smoothen out after a conversation around the 20th as Mar5s moves towards Neptune. The full moon on the 14th means that you may be moodier than you are usually. Take that time to think things through for yourself. Be sure to explain to your family members that you are retreating to your shell but will be back in time. Your withdrawal can leave your loved ones affected especially as this withdrawal may put added pressure on the people around you.