About Destiny Jones

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About Destiny Jones

Hello everyone, I am Destiny Jones a psychic medium, a spiritual coach and what I pen as a spiritual entrepreneur. As not only do I have psychic abilities but I also have a strong business foundation. I enjoy the teaching element of my role and am constantly learning and evolving. As a spiritualist and a psychic you can never and will never end your development. I am also a Reiki healer, a numerologist and was awarded alternative therapist 2015/2016.

I can tell you the amount of “start your own business books”, and subscriptions to business magazines that I had bought, as well as the amount of business courses I had undertaken over the years. The more I thought about business and developing something unique, I realised that all I needed was part of my daily life already. The essence of who I am is something that people are interested in and are curious to figure out. I have always believed in my own and other people’s six sense.

I am full of life and more so since I have tuned into my psychic side. I have been professionally psychic for the past six years, but have been training for twenty years. You learn to appreciate everything from the grey clouds to the rain. I live my life on the spiritual path.

Going back to my beginnings from an early age I have seen spirits, not realising that they were spirits until I was older and could comprehend this. I have vivid dreams whether I am awake or asleep. I remember always being interested in the paranormal from the age of eight. I actually steer clear of anything that I believe will harm my own psychic balance. I love everyone and everything because I understand there is a great reason for all living things on this earth. I decided to follow my gut, my instinct and go with what I already knew was true to myself.

Everyone has psychic abilities it’s just to draw it out. This is my aim for you. I will get you to tap into your six sense and then to use this gift to benefit your earthly life. I will also show you how to build your business, market your brand, how to create and package your information so that your clientele will be more than happy to pay you for your information. I run workshops, webinars, courses, with the aim to teach you how to carry out a successful business. I believe you want to succeed.

I will firstly teach you step by step how to open or improve your psychic abilities,  all whilst directing you into a place where you will have your own self-development, being the better version of yourself and exude confidence in your ability. I will hold your hand through this process. But also practice, practice, practice. Everyone has the ability to be spiritually open, just like everybody can draw, however the more you practice the better you get.

Nothing’s closed to an open mind. Let us align ourselves with our higher self and move forward in this wonderful place we call EARTH.

I look forward to working with you and building a lasting relationship and friendship

Love and Light.

Destiny Jones

Winner of the alternative therapist 2015/ 16 award